I am a writer based in Assynt, in the north-west highlands of Scotland. My work is varied in style and format, including poetry, fiction and non-fiction and it is mostly concerned with nature. Trees feature a lot, as do bears, and paper, and my latest obsession is sailing, so expect more of the sea in future. But I’m not just a nature writer; people intrigue me, the way our minds work, how our relationships shape us, and how we express ourselves in words, music and images. Time is another important dimension of my work: both human history and the deep time of geology and evolution.

My books include:

  • two collections of poetry – letting light in and Castings;
  • an anthology of tree poems, Into the Forest;
  • two novels –  The Last Bear, which won the Robin Jenkins Literary Award in 2009, and Bear Witness, a thought experiment about bringing bears back to Scotland;
  • a non-fiction book, Paper Trails – from trees to trash, the true cost of paper.

My current project is a historical novel, set in the Iron Age.

I love sharing my sense of wonder and knowledge about the natural world with other people, and encouraging others to express themselves. So if you want me to come and lead a walk in the woods or along the shore, or to share folklore or poetry about trees, or to run a writing workshop or a classroom session to imagine your way back in time, please get in touch.

If you have a writing project and want feedback, help is at hand, here! Treat yourself to a one-to-one session on how to strengthen your own writing or come with me on a writing retreat.

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