Information about each of my books is here.


My most recent novel, Bear Witness, was published by Saraband in 2013. It’s a thought experiment about a future where some people want bears to be reintroduced to Scotland. There’s a love story at its heart, hiding inside a heap of crazy adventures.  ‘Moving, intelligent and quietly passionate.’ A.L.Kennedy.



The Last Bear Cover

My first novel, The Last Bear, was published by Two Ravens Press in 2008. It won the Robin Jenkins Literary Award. It tells the story of the extinction of brown bears from Scotland, around a thousand years ago, when Vikings from the north and Scots from the south overtook the indigenous culture. It’s a love story as well! It is no longer in print, it is available as an e-book.



into-the-forestsInto the Forest is an anthology of tree poems, published by Saraband in 2013. It was a beautiful production, organised according to the Gaelic Tree Alphabet, and it sold like hotcakes and is now extremely hard to get hold of. If you got a copy, treasure it!




My second poetry collection, Castings, was published by Two Ravens Press in 2007. It’s out of print but available as an e-book.




letting-light-inLetting Light In was my first poetry collection, published in 2005 by Essencepress. It is no longer available in paper form but the e-book is on Amazon.




papertrailsIn 2006 I did a global journey overland from Scotland, through Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia then across to the USA and Canada, to find out where all of the paper we use comes from. Paper Trails was the result. Its subtitle is: from trees to trash – the true cost of paper.  It was published by Virgin Books/Random House in 2008.