Teaching and Mentoring

I believe everyone can be a writer. We all use language and have a unique view on the world. I’m always willing to help people to strengthen their own creative writing, through mentoring or workshops. You can buy a one-to-one session with me (see mentoring below) or come on a retreat.

I am an experienced creative writing tutor. I have a Creative Writing masters degree with distinction from Glasgow University, where I studied from 2003 to 2005. I have taught writing in many different formats and to a wide range of groups. These have included:

  • evening classes for large and small groups of adults
  • week-long workshops on poetry and starting to write
  • weekend workshops on connecting to nature through writing
  • day-long workshops on many topics, including poetry, creating characters, dialogue, writing about nature, evoking emotion and getting published
  • writing walks, including the hugely popular ‘A Taste of Nature’, a walk to awaken the senses and create a delectable word salad, and lots of walks about tree folklore and poetry.


As well as creative writing classes, I relish one-to-one teaching opportunities. Students or people who want a writing mentor send me writing work, from time to time, as and when they need feedback or encouragement. If you would like to establish such a relationship with me, feel free to contact me by email or phone – my contact details are here.

My usual fee to read up to 10 poems, or 5000 words of prose, and provide feedback either by email, phone or in person, is £48. For feedback on longer pieces, add £12 for the next 5000 words or 10 poems, and £10 for each subsequent 10,000 words or 20 poems. You can pay with the paypal buttons below, post a cheque or pay direct to my bank (details on request).

Basic mentoring fee: £48


A writing retreat brings people together to recharge, have fun and most importantly, create. The retreat programmes are gentle but full of inspiration. Each morning there is an optional ‘creative warm-up’ session, helpful for getting the creative juices flowing. There is always a walk-with-a-difference or a treat like an island cruise. If there is demand I run mini-workshops and there is always plenty of time simply to get on with your own writing. I am happy to give one-to-one feedback on your writing if desired. All activities are optional and there is no ‘standard’ to achieve – participants range from complete beginners to prize-winning authors.